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Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery has always been preferred by many Bollywood beauties. Its soothing white hue and smooth round shape look perfect with any outfit. Nowadays, Indian pearl jewellery is adorned with kundan, beads or multi-coloured stones. You can choose either the former classic or the latter contemporary style. Explore and shop timeless Indian pearl jewelry here.
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What are the quality checks of pearl jewellery?

Quality check of pearls depends on the smooth surface of the pearl, the perfection in the shape, luster or shine on the pearl, nacre quality, colour perfection and most importantly the size.

What are the different types of pearls?

There are two main types pf pearls i.e., Natural Pearls and Cultural Pearls. 5 different types under Cultural pearls are Akoya Pearls Hanadama Pearls Fresh Water Pearls South Sea Pearls Tahitian Pearls

How should I care for my pearl jewelry?

Caring for your pearl jewelry is essential if you want to keep it looking beautiful and lustrous for years to come. Original pearl jewelry are vulnerable keep away from chemicals, moisture and high temperature. Don’t spray perfume and hairsprays after wearing pearl jewelry. Always store your pearl jewellery separately from other jewellery items.

What are pearls?

Natural pearls are truly fascinating gems that are not mined from the earth, but rather come from living organisms. Natural pearls are formed inside the shells of certain mollusks, such as oysters and mussels. Artificial pearls are the most common type of pearls available today. These pearls are grown with the help of humans who insert an irritant into the mollusk to stimulate pearl formation. Cultured pearls can be either freshwater or saltwater pearls, depending on the type of mollusk used.

What is the difference between freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls?

One of the main differences between freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls is their size. Freshwater pearls tend to be smaller in size compared to saltwater pearls. Saltwater pearls are known for their intense luster and shine. This is due to the fact that they have a thinner nacre coating. Freshwater pearls come in a wide variety of colors including white, pink, lavender, and even metallic colors. Saltwater pearls, on the other hand, are usually white or cream-colored, although they can also come in shades of silver, gold, and black.