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Kalamkari sarees online

A kalamkari saree is sure to make you look timelessly elegant with its design and appearance. These sarees are available in many colors such as peach, maroon, bright pink and black. Kalamkari silk sarees can sport a distinct opulent border. You can select kalamkari cotton sarees for semi-formal occasions. Find and shop kalamkari sarees online here!
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Which place is famous for kalamkari sarees?

The detailed techniques of the kalamkari art have been accepted from generation to generation for over 3000 years similar to many other traditional textile arts of India. The kalamkari was originated in Andhra Pradesh in the bygone city of Machilipatnam. These sarees are considered to be the most delicate ancient art which involves hand drawing or block printing.

Why dry cleaning or petrol wash is good for kalamkari sarees?

It is believed that dry cleaning is much safer for Kalamkari saree. It’s a process of cleaning by using the solvent more than water. Kalamkari sarees tend to degrade in water as it is one of the most delicate fabrics. This solvent can be also altered with Petroleum Spirit. It is believed that petrol acts as a solvent for many fabrics. Therefore dry cleaning or petrol wash is safe and at the same time good for Kalamkari sarees.

Which fabric is used for kalamkari sarees?

Fabric that is used for kalamkari saree is cotton and silk material. It is an antique chic of hand canvas done with a tamarind pen. Natural dye colors are used on the fabric for the beautification of the saree. The work includes hand-painting or block printing, dyeing the material, bleaching and cleaning, stitching and more. In this type of saree, one could find motivation stories, lives of flora and fauna, etc

What is the difference between Madhubani Sarees and Kalamkari Sarees?

  • Madhubani Saree: Madhubani is an ancient art that originated from a small village in Bihar. In Madhubani saree, one can see a detailed picture of all types of gods and goddesses, animals and birds. The paintings are done with bamboo sticks, cotton fabric, twigs and other types of natural brushes.
  • Kalamkari Saree: Kalamkari is an antique art from Andra Pradesh. The art is performed on cotton fabric and follows 23 steps to achieve the real beauty of the art. It gained its popularity from the Mughal times. The art replicates the beauty of nature and Hindu epics.

What accessories best matches with kalamkari sarees?

Oxidized jewelry is in fashion now and calming to be one of the finest craftsmanship. The oxidized jewelry gel with all types of sarees and Kalamkari is one of them. Along with these sarees, the oxidized set makes an amazing match for women in her every special occasion.