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Pearl Jewellery

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How to check the quality of pearl jewellery?

1.The shape of the pearl, if they are perfectly round pearls then they are rare and precious as oysters don’t produce much of round pearls. 2.Luster of the pearl jewellery is the mirror like shine on the pearls.

How to take care of pearl jewellery?

Wearing pearls often it good as the moisture from our skin prevents it from drying. Wipe off the pearls with soft wet cloth after every time you wear them, clean them with dry cloth as well because silk threads get weaker when in contact with water or wet.

What are the quality checks of pearl jewellery?

Quality check of pearls depends on the smooth surface of the pearl, the perfection in the shape, luster or shine on the pearl, nacre quality, colour perfection and most importantly the size.

What are the different types of pearls?

There are two main types pf pearls i.e., Natural Pearls and Cultural Pearls. 5 different types under Cultural pearls are Akoya Pearls Hanadama Pearls Fresh Water Pearls South Sea Pearls Tahitian Pearls
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