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Printed Sarees

A printed saree is one of the sarees that is always in fashion. They can be adorned with traditional prints like leheriya and shibori or modern ones like stripe and ombré. You can wear printed silk sarees on special occasions while printed cotton sarees are ideal for everyday work. Explore and shop irresistible printed sarees here!
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What are the tips to get a perfect blouse for printed sarees?

Some guidelines are below to get the perfect blouse for your printed saree.
  • Choose a solid color to match your printed saree.
  • Matching saree and blouse is old fashion. Try contrasting both.
  • Try experimenting with design.

Why printed sarees are comfortable?

Printed sarees are not ever out of fashion and they are worn by all age women in India. Printed Sarees are comfortable and trendy among young women. These sarees are made from Crepe material, bhagalpuri silk material, chiffon material, and georgette material. Printed sarees are very light to carry and they are made from breathable fabric which keeps one comfortable throughout the day.

How to select printed sarees as per season?

Printed sarees are now trending the fashion world and at the same time, it looks very elegant. One can wear these sarees in all seasons. Let our know-how.   
  • Summer: These printed sarees are fabulous for an everyday outfit but especially in summer, they are comfortable. Fabric such as georgette and chiffon is very relaxing to carry.
  • Monsoon: Digital or Block prints sarees are more attractive during monsoon season.
  • Winter: During the winter times, you can avoid using white or cream color saree but wear vibrant colors.

What is the difference between print saree and embroidery saree?

  • Printed Saree: Nowadays the saree that is trending the fashion market is the Printed sarees. These sarees are best known for their elegant yet traditional look and therefore they are loved by all women of different ages.
  • Embroidery Saree: The Embroidery sarees are now more classy looking sarees. Experience and hardworking craftsmen bring an image to life in these sarees. To create a detailed pattern on the saree these embroidery sarees take more than months to be created.

Can we wear printed saree on all season?

Printed Sarees are best for the summer season. These sarees are made up of breathable fabric suitable for hot weather. Printed Sarees look very versatile which added its presence to the Indian fashion business recently. We can wear them all year round but during the summer we can flaunt the beauty even more.