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Toe Rings

Indian toe rings are for married women but are surely loved by all women, irrespective of their marital status. Toe rings are said to symbolize the deep love between a husband and his wife. Small but stunning, toe rings decorate the feet like no other jewellery piece. Get toe rings in designs like square, heart, peacock and more here!
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What do we call the toe ring in India?

These traditional toe rings are worn by Indian married womens, and we call them with different names in different states. In Hindi we call bichiya, in telugu - mettelu, in tamil - metti, in Maharashtra - jodavi, kalungura in kannada and etc, If you don’t remember Indian names simply you can call toe rings.

Which finger is the best to wear a toe ring?

Traditionally, Most women’s wear toe rings on the second and middle finger of their feet. But some others wear on other fingers as well. If you want to wear these elegant toe ring designs you can wear them according to your comfortable and fashion statements.

What are some latest and trending toe ring designs?

There are various types of toe ring designs available in the market. But silver toe rings, heart-shaped toe rings, pink blooms, sterling silver, Aparajita, peacock and Butterfly toe rings are the most famous amongst others. You can choose and buy your ideal toe ring designs based on aesthetics and preferences.

How can I buy the best toe rings for weddings?

There are multiple designs available, like traditional, casual, formal etc. Whenever you want to buy toe rings for weddings and traditional events, you can select based on your outfits, foot length and type of design you have in mind. These things will help you to buy the best toe rings for weddings.

Where can I buy the latest toe ring designs online in the USA?

There are multiple online shopping websites available to buy, but they may not offer that type of earrings, which you are looking for. Mirraw Online shopping is the best online shopping website, there you can find all types of traditional and trending’s earrings, and they keep updating toe rings according to the latest trends. You can visit here and buy online latest toe rings from the USA or anywhere around the world.