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Kota Sarees

Zari kota sarees are a must-have for any grand occasion. They make you look like a showstopper. Besides beautiful, Kota sarees are also comfortable. You can opt for sarees adorned with splendid motifs and set in classy hues like grey, mustard, purple and turquoise. Explore and shop the sarees here!
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What is the difference between kota sarees and kota silk sarees?

Kota sarees are made up with the unique blend of cotton and silk weaved in the square pattern. While Kota Silk sarees are made up of pure silk fabric. Kota silk sarees have the fine texture, lightweight and airy look. So the major difference between the two is their fabric. You must check it before getting these sarees.

What is the history of kota sarees?

Kota sarees are originated from Mysore between 17th and 18th century. The Rao Kishan sight, the general of Mughal army during Shah Jahan reign, bought weavers or craftsmen to kota. When the craft of kota and Mysore was merged, it invented ‘kota-masuria’ sarees. This is famously known as kota saree itself and looks fashionable on every women.

What is traditional pit loom weaving?

Traditional Pit Loom weaving is a type of loom fit in a pit where the fabrics are produced with the use of pedals. It is stronger than handloom and can be done without using latex. It got that name because it has the pit below the loom, which is further used for shedding. There is a gap between both layers which is called as a shed. The shed is produced with the help of a harness. Even the warps are maintained in the tension between two levers. Later on, wefts are inserted inside the shed. Wrap threads are divided into two layers for the passage of shuttle. In total, it is considered as better weaving as it absorbs the tension and breathability.

How to keep kota saree as good as new?

Some easy ways to keep your Kota saree as good as new:
  • Never fold your Kota saree directly after wearing it. Wash it with cold water and mild detergent. Also, dry cleaning can be a better option.
  • It’s better to hang them on hangers as it will keep it wrinkle-free.
  • Storing it in the cool dark place and the plastic bag will maintain its colour.