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Chikankari Sarees

A chikankari saree is something many women deem their favorite due to its distinct embroidery. The elegant and delicate patterns bring an instant sophistication to any garment it is woven on. Chikankari sarees are now preferred for a hassle-free and authentic Indian look. You can shop alluring chikankari sarees for every occasion here!
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How to identify original chikankari sarees?

The originality of the chikankari saree lies in the prominent stitch work. All the stitches are very prominent and perfectly done which no one will find anywhere. If one fined rough stitch work, thick fabric quality, and lose threads then understand that machine has been used and it is nor original work.

Is chikankari a fabric?

Chikankari is a form of embroidery that originated in Lucknow, India. It is not a fabric but rather a type of intricate and delicate embroidery technique done on various materials.

How many types of embroidery stitches Chikankari are there?

The most common and popular embroideries are Phanda-small circular dot, Jaali, tepchi-the running stitch, murri and bakhia.

How to wash chikankari saree at home?

When it comes to washing your Chikankari saree, handwashing is highly recommended. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent for delicate fabrics. Gently swish the saree in the water, avoiding harsh rubbing or twisting motions that could damage the embroidery. After a few minutes, rinse the saree with cold water until all detergent is removed.

Are Chikankari sarees expensive?

No, Chikankari sarees are not quite expensive as silk sarees. It involves hand-stitching intricate patterns on the fabric, usually using white thread on lightweight fabrics like muslin, chiffon, or georgette.