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Bengali Sarees

A bengali saree's luxurious sophistication is sure to make everyone's head turn in awe. Available in various colour and motifs, a bengali traditional saree can be your bet to bring novelty to your ethnic closet. You can get a bengali saree in colours such as teal, magenta, maroon and violet. Explore and shop from our captivating collection of bengali sarees.
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Why Traditional Bengali sarees are still popular?

The traditional Bengali sarees are popular from the time of Mughal era, especially Baluchari and tant style Bengali sarees! Inspired by the rich and diverse Indian culture, the traditional Bengali sarees are either made form the Baluchari silk or cotton fabric material. Besides that, the vibrant colours, designs and patterns available in traditional Bengali sarees is distinguishing one from the rest of the other sarees available. They are so light in weight and little transparent yet look beautiful and stunning because of their manufacturing process. Over the period of time the designs, styles and wide variety have come up in traditional Bengali sarees to make it the most preferred choice among Indian ladies!

What are the Different Types of Bengali Sarees?

The beauty and charm of the magnificent Bengali sarees is absolutely irresistible! There are different types of traditional Bengali sarees available for the women to wear and flaunt their ethnic side i.e. Korial, Garad, Taant, Murshidabad silk, Dhakai Jamdani, Baluchari and Tussar. From these famous Bengali sarees, Taant and Baluchari are special and favourite one among the Bengali ladies because of their fabric material and traditional beauty that it reflects! Therefore, flaunt the elegance of the traditional Bengali sarees and stock your wardrobe with this beauty!

How to Drape Bengali saree in a traditional style?

Here is the basic technique to drape the Bengali style saree in a traditional way:
  • Wrap your favourite Bengali saree around your waist.
  • Make pleats and tuck it in the center.
  • Now, take the remaining saree, make pleats to cover the upper body.
  • After that, folded pleats should be placed beautifully on the left shoulder.
  • Under your right hand, take the tip of the pallu on the front side.
  • Lastly, knot the tip of the pallu and then place it on your right shoulder.
Now, you are ready to adorn the traditional Bengali saree in a contemporary style beautifully!

Why Bengali saree is coloured in red white?

The combination of red and white in traditional Bengali saree is definitely auspicious. The white colour stands for purity while red colour stands for fertility! For married woman in Bengal wearing a red and white coloured saree is essential, especially on special occasions and religious festivals. The fabric material can be of any choice, but the colour theme always remains the same i.e. red and white because of its significance of purity and vitality. Also, this red and white coloured saree is mostly preferred by the Bengali women to wear it on festivals and puja time to enhance the beauty of the culture!