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Maheshwari Sarees

Maheshwari sarees are some of the most regal-looking Indian sarees. With minimal motifs and bright colours, this sari looks sophisticated yet rooted to Indian culture. Because of these amazing qualities, the Maheshwari saree is perfect to wear at any festive occasion. So, explore and shop these sarees online here!
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How to wear maheshwari saree from the other side?

Maheshwari saree has reversible borders, which means you can wear it from both sides. You can wear it in the normal way in which you wear your normal saree. This kind of borders are known as Bugdi. Here these are available in plain and striped looks, and both of them can be worn from either side. This is because they are found in an unbelievable weaving pattern. You will admire wearing this saree.

Why maheshwari sarees are lightweight?

The Maheshwari Sarees are lightly weighted because of its lightweight metal frame. These are also made up of cotton and silk fabric, where cotton Maheshwari saree is very light to wear. The light fabric makes it a perfect choice for every women. Also, the weaving process is the main reason behind the lightweight of Maheshwari sarees.

What are the different types of maheshwari sarees?

There are 5 main categories in these sarees: Parbi, Beli, Chandratara, Chandakala, and Beigani Chandrakala. If you want a plain look from these sarees, then choose Chandrakala and Beigani Chandrakala types. And if you want a checked and striped look, then Beli, Parbi, and Chandratara types will be the best for you.

Why maheshwari saree border is narrow?

The Maheshwari sarees don’t have a narrow border, it just gives the illusion of narrowness because of its narrow stripes and solid colour body look. These sarees usually have different border design as compared to the overall body, which makes it different from others.

Is it safe to wash using detergent on maheshwari sarees?

It is suggested not to wash your Maheshwari sarees with detergent for first three times as it may ruin the shine and beauty of this saree. After that, start washing it with the mild detergent. Make sure not to keep your Maheshwari saree soaked in the detergent for the longer time.