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What are the benefits of wearing satin saree?

The soft satin is a fabric with stretch. It looks shiny and it is available in dark as well as light shades. Benefits of wearing Satin Saree:
  • Wearing satin makes you look slim.
  • Because of the moderately absorbent fabric satin holds body heat.
  • Satin is super smooth and is available in many colors, qualities, and stiffness.

Can I wash satin saree in the washing machine? Why?

It is highly recommended that for cleaning satin saree you prefer dry cleaning. Well, if you are planning to wash it in a home you can do it depending on the material. If you are washing it in a washing machine the satin fabric dyes fade and lead to fading and wrinkling.

How to press satin sarees?

  1. On a table spread your saree so that other fabrics don't mix with your saree.
  2. Use steam iron for pressing your satin saree.
  3. When your iron is ready, start ironing the backside of the fabric.
  4. Before ironing you should put a cotton cloth on the area you are ironing.
  5. Once you are done with the above steps, press the iron on the cloth and start ironing. Don't spend much time in one area to avoid a saree from getting burned.
  6. In the wrinkled areas press your iron for a short period and then for perfect results let it cool.
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