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Party Wear Sarees

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How to select your party wear sarees?

  • Choose a saree based on what type of party you are going to attend.
  • While selecting keep your draping style in mind.
  • The next important thing is that you keep the fabric in mind while choosing a saree.
  • Select according to Designs and Prints on the Saree.
  • Make sure you choose a saree while keeping in mind the border of the saree.

What are the best saree ideas for an office party?

Choosing an ideal saree for an office party depends on what kind of party it is. If there is a formal or business formal party then choose from silk, cotton silk, khadi or any heavy material saree. If there is a casual or cocktail party then selects a light fabric like crepe or Georgette etc and also in light colors. Make sure that your blouse is well fitted and not exposing one.

How to drape party wear sarees?

  1. Wearing a saree is an easy task if you know what type of drape you want.
  2. Make sure your petticoat or underskirt matches the color of your saree.
  3. Begin tucking saree into the petticoat.
  4. When you are done with tucking start making plates using your thumb and forefinger and then pint it.
  5. Take rest of your saree twist it around your waist again from left to right. When the saree is in front make plates of your pallu and make sure that the size of the pallu reaches the back of your knee. You can also leave your pallu flowing if you want.
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