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How many safety pins do you need for a saree?

Just one or two pins in the right side spots - On the shoulder, and central pleats of the saree. Make sure it fits perfectly and looks elegant especially for womens.

How to protect a saree from tearing when you wear a saree pin?

Here is a simple trick to stop your saree from tearing, just put small beads where the pin goes in and outside of the fabric. This keeps the saree safe from the pin, when there is a sudden pull or jerk.

Which is the best saree pin?

While selecting a ping, it is important to select matching colored pins to look exactly like. If you are wearing a wedding saree or stone embellished one, then use kundan pins. For chiffon and georgette sarees, go for gold set smaller kundan gold set pins.

Where should you attach the brooch to a saree?

Wear a brooch backside on the pallu, This not only helps the pallu to stay in place but also adds a stylish touch to the saree. With these brooches you can look good from the back side as well.

Where should you wear a brooch?

The lapel pin is the best place for brooches and pins. It is a classic selection that works any kind of size or color brooch. Other than that you should try different creative styles to stand out.