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Manipuri Sarees

Manipur silk, as the name suggests, comes from one of the seven sister states of India. With its minimal but classy appearance, the manipur silk saree is a sensible fashion investment. While the sarees come in bright colors, you can also opt for light blue and light pink for an uncluttered look. Shop the Manipur silk sarees now!
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What is the Difference between Manipuri Silk Sarees and Rani Phi Sarees?

Manipuri Silk Sarees and Rani Phi Sarees both are from Manipur State, but they both are slightly different from each other. Rani Phi Sarees have found in semi-transparent look and gives a royal look. These are found in beautiful motifs and colours and usually made up of cotton or silk fabric. While, as the name suggests, Manipuri silk sarees are made up of silk fabric. These also have a sheer look but has the less sheer look. These are designed using silk threads and modern dyes. The popular colours of this saree are deep purple, deep red and chocolate brown with print. The Manipuri silk sarees are more traditional, while Rani Phi Sarees has the modern vibes.

What are the Quick Tips for Maintaining Manipuri Silk Sarees?

Manipuri Silk Sarees are delicate and that’s why you should opt the handwashing and dry cleaning option to clean it. It will help it look new. Don’t put it in the washing machine as it will ruin its beauty and design. Also, your silk saree maybe got shrink in the machine. So make sure you are doing its cleaning in the right way. While storing, let it dry perfectly and then only store it. Use the separate bag to store it and keep the naphthalene balls or dry neem leaves to protect it from worms. The right maintaining will keep your saree fresh and new.

What kind of blouses looks good with Manipuri Silk sarees?

The Manipuri silk sarees has the authentic look and that’s why they are worn with the mini blouse made up of same fabric. To make it look heavy, the blouse with the intricate embroidery looks the best with it. Match its colour with the pallu or border. You can even go for the blouse made up of rich or heavy fabric than saree. As per your style, you can choose the neck design and sleeve pattern for yourself. But according to us, the full sleeve blouse with round neck will look the best with it. You can make this combo even better by wearing a belt with it.

What is the Origin and History of Manipuri Silk Sarees?

The Manipuri saree got famous from the Morirang Village, located in in the Bishnupur District. This village is linked with mythical “Khamba” of the “Moirang Kangleiroi” epic. According to the manuscript, the weaving of Manipuri silk saree was done in this village, as a tribute to the Meitei rulers, who were the royal family of Manipur. This is how the Manipuri silk saree came into origin. It is slightly heavier than other sarees from this state and looks perfect on everyone. This saree is worn as the three-set garment known as Innaphi Viel, long-sleeved blouse and Phanek Lower wrap. It looks unique and beautiful on every women.

What is the Difference between Manipuri Silk Sarees and Kanchipuram Silk sarees?

The major difference between Manipuri Silk Sarees and Kanchipuram Silk sarees is that their origin are different. Kanchipuram silk sarees are originated from South India and found with the golden or silver zari work, while Manipuri silk sarees are originated from Manipur state. The Kanchipuram silk sarees have a heavier look and give the overall heavy and traditional look. On the other hand, Manipuri Silk sarees have the sheer look and helps the air to pass. These both sarees are different from each other but are meant to make women look elegant and beautiful.