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What top can I wear with leggings?

Apart from the traditional kurtis, you can effectively pair western tops with leggings and look equally attractive. Some of the top designs would include:
  • A button up plaid tunic- you can also go for a simple oversized tunic or no buttons tunic to get that laid back look.
  • Oversized sweater or cardigan
  • Tunic t-shirt with jackets
You can pair all of the above clothes with thigh high boots. Scarves can serve as a necessary accessory with this.

How to choose right leggings for your size?

You would know the size of your jeans, choose a leggings of comparable size. Go for leggings that are not too tight around your knees as it would not only irritate your skin but also might rip off. Check that the waist is not very tight. In order to measure the size of your waist, do it by putting a tape around your waistline. Make you sure that you choose leggings of the right height as there are many choices available. You can also measure your hips and inseam in order to get the best fit.

What are the tips to take care of leggings?

It is important to wash your leggings properly in order to increase its longevity. You would need to wash them properly by taking the leggings inside out. Do not wash them more than required as it might hamper the quality of the clothes. You should also check the care label in order to understand how you could wash the leggings properly. Make sure that you do not use fabric softener or bleach as it may wear your leggings off. Dry the garments properly before putting them in the wardrobe.

Which fabric is best for leggings?

The choice of the leggings fabric depends on your skin and the occasion for which you wish to wear them. First of all, go for a leggings fabric that you are not allergic to. Then think whether you wish to buy the leggings for workout or for normal outing purposes. You can wear fully cotton or a mix of cotton and spandex for general outing purposes. During workout, you would want the leggings to soak your body sweat and polyester or spandex leggings can do this best.

Which fabric of leggings is best for winter and why?

Winter-friendly leggings that can be worn when the temperature falls down would include fleece lined leggings and these are seamless leggings which are made up of fleece material. These are light-weight, easy to wear and are extremely comfortable. You can also wear woolen material leggings or the rayon ones as they would help you to keep warm during the summer seasons.