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Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are one of the most well-loved types of sarees. Due to their versatility, cotton sarees occupy a humble place in every woman's ethnic wardrobe. In today's times, beautiful cotton sarees are available in not only traditional but also modern designs. So, scroll and shop amazing cotton sarees online here.
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How to starch cotton sarees at home?

Maintaining the cotton sarees is not that difficult and challenging task to do. With starch, you can add that stiffness and edgy look to your cotton sarees. If you want to starch your cotton sarees, then here is what you can do. Take two cups of water, one teaspoon of cornstarch and a spray bottle. Then, mix it entirely and shake it well. Once you have prepared it, then you are ready to spray it on your saree to add that crispness and edginess to your cotton saree again.

Which blouse should I wear with a cotton saree?

When you are planning to wear cotton sarees, then it’s vital to pair them well with an adorable blouse. You can try different styles and designs in blouses to team up with your stunning and gorgeous cotton sarees. Besides cotton fabric blouse designs, there are some other blouse designs that you can prefer to go along with your sarees including sequin work blouse, brocade style blouse design, printed blouse designs and so forth to try and experiment with your traditional outfit! Also, you can try the colour contrasts in blouses to team up with your cotton sarees.

Which accessories will give cotton saree a party look?

To complete the traditional or ethnic saree look, accessories are must to add perfection to your entire look. Just drape your cotton saree perfectly and get decked up with the right accessories. Now, while choosing the right accessories to pair with your cotton sarees is vital to enhance the look and beauty of the attire. This time whenever you plan to wear cotton sarees, then team it up with the stunning jewellery including neckpiece, earrings and bracelets. Also, footwear is another important accessory, so team up your saree with stunning high heels.

How to Wear Cotton Saree Perfectly?

With these simple and quick tips, you can easily drape the cotton saree perfectly.
  1. Take one end of the saree, hold it in a horizontal manner and tuck it inside the petticoat.
  2. No, start with the draping of your saree and wrap until the petticoat is covered.
  3. Once the draping is done, then left out saree material will blob out in the front.
  4. Then, gather it and start pleating it accurately till the end of your feet. Make 5 to 6 pleats and then tuck it inside the petticoat of the saree.
  5. Once pleats are done, then drape the pallu of the saree on your shoulder and then pin it properly.

What are the different types of cotton sarees?

Cotton sarees are popular among woman of every age group because of their charm, beauty and of course, comfortability. Nowadays, there are different types of cotton sarees that you must know about before you plan to purchase for your ethnic wardrobe collection. Here are some of the prominent names:
  • Jamdani
  • Kota Doria
  • Khadi
  • Woven cotton
  • Batik
  • Chiffon
  • Sambalpuri
  • Vichitrapuri
  • Venkatagiri
  • Gadwal
And some more. There are distinct types of cotton sarees hat you can look for and every cotton saree has its own, unique speciality and feature, which distinguishes it form other designs and styles!