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Kota Silk Sarees

Kota silk sarees are known to look splendid and feel easy to carry. While the light coloured kota silk saree can be donned for a day event, dark-toned sarees can be worn as evening wear. With its rich colors, glossy appearance and lovely motifs, kota sarees are sure to become your favorite. Explore and shop them now!
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What is kota silk saree?

Kota Silk Saree is a Rajasthani saree that has square check pattern on it. Silk helps this saree to get a beautiful shine. In many cases, the cotton is also blended with the silk fabric, so that this saree can get a perfect strength. You can find them in three different styles- basic, zari and print.

How to identify original kota silk sarees?

Original Kota Silk Sarees comes with the fine texture, lightweight and airy look. It has the translucent vibes and feels very comfortable after wearing. Another way to choose the right saree is by looking for the check square pattern. These are always made up of bright colours, so never pick a Kota silk saree with light colours as it will be fake.

Why kota silk sarees also called kota doria sarees?

Kota is a town in Rajasthan which manufactures beautiful Kota Silk Sarees. In the 17th or 18th century, the weavers from Mysore started settling in the village called Kaithoon. This was very near to Kota. With time, Kota Work started blending with the Mysore Art form. These sarees were initially known as ‘Kota-Masuria’ sarees, which was preferred for special occasions. This is how these sarees became very popular and paved the way for Kota Doria Fabric. Now, the Kota Doria sarees are very popular among women. This is how Kota Silk Sarees became Kota Doria Sarees.

How to take care of your kota silk sarees?

It is not difficult to take care of your Kota Silk sarees, it’s just you have to follow some instructions:
  • If you want to clean these sarees at home, then make sure to use mild detergent and warm water.
  • You can even get it dry cleaned if you don’t want to take any risk.
  • Avoid putting fabric conditioners as it may ruin its beauty.
  • Iron your saree after setting the minimum iron temperature.

What are the signs to identify original kota silk sarees?

The Right signs to identify the Original Kota Silk Sarees:
  • Always check its texture. It should be fine and smooth.
  • Always check its weight. The Original Kota Silk saree is always light in weight.
  • Always check its fabric. It should be made up of translucent muslin-like fabric and airy.
  • Always check its pattern and colour. It should have the check square pattern and found in bright colours like orange, blue, pink, saffron, etc.