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Silk Sarees

Silk sarees have always been popular with Indian women for many decades. The luxurious appearance, soft texture and versatility have always won over every ethnic fashion lover out there. A silk saree is a fail-safe bet to wear for a grand party or occasion. Scroll and shop from our opulent collection of silk sarees.
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How to wear silk saree to look slim?

Draping a saree is a technique, which everyone cannot attempt to do it with perfection, especially silk sarees. To look slim in silk saree is also dependent on the draping style of the wearer. So, here are some things that you should keep in mind while draping a silk saree to look tall and slim.
  • Tuck the saree neatly and accurately at the waist to add perfection to your draping and to accentuate your curves.
  • While you make pleats, make sure that you don’t go for too many pleats as it can add unwanted volume to your entire look.
  • Pallu of the silk saree is another significant thing to consider. Let it fall from your shoulder to hide your unwanted bulges.

Which silk saree is best in India?

There are diverse range of silk sarees available in India for the women to wear and experiment with their ethnic attire. Now, here are some of the well-known and famous silk sarees in India that are worn by the Indian women on special occasions and religious festivals frequently.
  • Chanderi silk saree
  • Banarasi silk saree
  • Assam silk saree
  • Sambalpuri silk saree
  • Kanjeevaram silk saree
  • Baluchari silk saree
  • Konrad silk saree
  • Paithani silk saree
  • Bomkai silk saree
  • Mysore silk saree
  • Patola silk saree
And some more to explore! These are some of the best silk sarees available to wear and flaunt.

How to recognize pure silk saree?

Pure silk saree has already a spellbound design and appeal that attracts the women. Handwoven pure silk sarees are made with the threads of different colours and has that classic Persian patterns on it. Not just the designing, but the lustre, finishing and elegance of the pure silk saree is easily identifiable, which definitely cannot be matched with the synthetic silk fabric material saree. To recognize if it’s a pure silk saree, then you can scratch the zari silk and it will reveal the reddish silk on the surface. Further, pure silk sarees ae expensive and the basic range starts from 8000 bucks.

What are the simple ways to store & Maintain silk sarees?

Any wardrobe collection is incomplete without pure silk saree. As they are expensive and requires extra care to increase their durability and to maintain their elegance and royalty.
  • Wrap your pure silk saree into a muslin cloth or in a separate cotton cloth to cover it and protect its zari work.
  • While washing your silk sarees, make sure to use cold water and mild detergent. Also, please do not wring it on the wires and to dry use towels to let it absorb the water.
  • Store them in a dark and cool place to maintain your saree from fading! Follow these tips to take care of your silk sarees!

What are the benefits of wearing silk saree?

Well, silk sarees have its own charm, royalty and elegance that cannot be matched with any other fabric material in sarees. There are numerous benefits of wearing pure silk sarees. Check them out below:
  • First of all, silk sarees come up in different varieties. From stunning embroidery to stunning zari work, you will get amazing designing patterns in pure silk sarees. The wide range of availability in silk sarees makes them one of the preferred choices in sarees.
  • Secondly, its lustre, elegance and luxuriously premium look that it offers to the wearer is unbeatable.
  • Then, it’s heritage. The heritage of wearing the silk sarees is passed on from one generation to another continuously.