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Net sarees online

A net saree is loved by women due to its light, delicate and see-through appearance. The net saree's translucence varies as some might be very sheer and others have elaborate embroidery while maintaining their signature sheerness. From peach to maroon, all net sarees of all colors are available with Mirraw. So, go ahead and shop ethereal net sarees here!
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Why is net sarees perfect for parties?

Net sarees are perfect for parties as it’s a net saree which is flimsy and translucent which helps the drapes to sit on the body perfectly; enhancing the curves of the body. Net sarees are perfect for parties as it can be filled with the sequins, fabric flowers, embroideries and patch work to give the perfect party look and dazzling look.

How to wash net sarees?

If you are washing net saree for the very first time then don’t forget using salt water as it helps in locking the colours in; preventing it from fading or transferring the colour from one to another. Use only chemical free detergent to wash the net saree or an organic detergent which will not harm the net saree. Avoid hard detergent.

What jewellery to wear with net sarees?

Net saree are the best when it comes to accessorising as it gives much needed space to the jewellery. Pair of big statement earrings is a must with net sarees. Long and statement necklace looks gorgeous with net sarees, to show off those diamond ring or bangles with broad work of art on them. Net sarees are flawless to be coordinated with the most stunning gems you can consider.

How to wear net saree very comfortably?

Wearing a saree is a simple task to do and there are things to keep in mind for a comfortable drape of the net saree. Choose the petticoat wisely as it’s a net saree and it’s transparent. Drape the saree from right to left a full circle starting from the navel; tucking it all over then make a full circle again but this time do not tuck it inside but put it on the shoulder to make the pallu of the saree.