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Trousers for Women

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What is the difference between trousers and pants?

There are similarities between trousers and pants in the sense that they are both worn as a bottom wear. The difference however lies in their design. Trousers are basically tailored garments which have waistband, belt loops and fly fronts. Pants in some countries are same to that of the trousers but in some countries, pants are basically the underpants which are worn under the clothes. For example in the UK pants are worn under the trousers whereas in America, pants are the outer garments.

What are the different types of trousers?

There are various types and designs of trousers that one can wear. The most famous ones being the cargo pants which are baggy pants, drawstring pants which you can tighten at your waist with the help of a string. You can also wear comfortable pyjama pants at night, the stretchable sweatpants during workouts and chinos to formal events. There are many other types of trousers like suit pants, moleskin trousers, corduroy trousers, gray flannel trousers and so on.

What is the difference between formal trousers and casual trousers?

The build of both the trousers is where their differences lie. From the cuts, shapes and little detailings, they look quite different from one another. Formal trousers would fit you the best and they would not be too tight, it would look simple without any additional elements. They would be of formal colors like blue, black, brown or beige. Casual trousers on the other hand, are the ones which can have fun cuts, designs and many additional elements. They are basically the distress form of the formal trouser and can come in any and every color.

What should I wear with trousers?

Depending on your gender, occasion and the design of the trouser you are wearing, you pair it up with different top wears. If you are a lady, you can wear formal trousers with skirts and formal collared tops to look elegant. Coming to the informal one, you can wear all types of tops with it, like the casual tees, the designer tops and even jackets. For men, simple shirts with trousers would complete the formal look, however for the informal look you can go with simple tee, informal shirt or the polo neck t-shirt

Which trouser is comfortable for all season?

Trousers made up of cotton or synthetic material are comfortable to wear in every season. However during the winters, one can find woollen trousers to be much more comfortable but they are ideal to wear during the summers. You also wear jeans or denim pants which are ideal for all seasons.