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Tussar silk sarees online

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What are simple tips to maintain tussar silk sarees?

  • Firstly, always keep your silk sarees in a separate cotton cloth or soft towels. You can also choose to keep them in a cotton bag instead of polyester bags.
  • Now and then make sure you refold your sarees to avoid the tearing from the folded lines.
  • Wash them in cold water using mild detergents or shampoos. Make it a point that you hang it in a shaded area to avoid the fading of colors.

What is the difference between tussar silk sarees and pure silk sarees?

Tussar silk also called Kosa silk is made from cocoons of several species of silkworms. The difference between Tussar Silk Sarees and Pure Silk Sarees is the texture of the fabric.

Pure silk is produced from silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves while Tussar silkworm feeds on leaves of the Arjun tree. Tussar yarn has short fiber length and which is why it is one of the most durable fabrics. Though the Tussar silk sarees are expensive it is ideal to invest the money as luster, and softness of these sarees stay for a very long time.

Which season is best to wear tussar silk sarees?

The ideal time for wearing a Tussar silk saree is the winter season. Well, you can wear it in summer if you want. But, you should avoid wearing it in the summer season or on the days that are sweaty and hot. If you are opting to wear a Tussar silk saree in the summertime then choose lightweight ones and lighter shade so they don't absorb heat as compared to darker shades.

How do you care tussar silk sarees?

If you want to take care of your Tussar silk saree then it's a good idea because they need maintenance to keep their charm alive. The best way to take care of sarees is by Dry cleaning. In case you plan to clean a Tussar Silk Saree at home then avoid wringing the excess water from the saree. Make sure you hang it in a shade to dry to avoid it from fading.