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Ghagra Choli

Chaniya choli, also known as ghagra choli is the go-to ethnic wear for many Indian women. Its cultural appeal is well-accepted and it is known to make a woman feel like a princess. From serene blues to striking pinks, chaniya cholis come in many colors. Scroll down to check out and shop from our delightful collection of ghagra choli.
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What sets Ghagra Choli apart from Chaniya Choli?

Ghagra choli is a general term whereas chaniya choli specifically refers to the traditional attire worn during Navratri, in Gujarat. The distinctive feature of chaniya choli lies in its colors and intricate embroidery.

How to Style a Ghagra Choli for a Casual Occasion?

To achieve a look opt for a ghagra Choli with minimal embellishments. Pair it with understated jewelry and comfortable footwear.

Is it appropriate to wear a Ghagra Choli or Chaniya Choli to a non-Indian event?

Ghagra and chaniya cholis can be an exceptional choice for multicultural events or theme parties adding vibrancy and uniqueness. By selecting the design and color you can easily adapt them to occasions.

Does Mirraw offer High Quality Ghagra Cholis in their Collection?

Indeed! Mirraw is renowned for providing top notch Ghagra Cholis. Our extensive collection caters to both contemporary preferences ensuring options, for customers.