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Patola Sarees

A patola saree's beauty is hard to ignore. Patola saree look so sophisticated that it can be worn virtually in any event. The bold pattern on the saree looks like a beautiful never-ending kaleidoscope. Patan patola sarees come in various kinds of silks such as art silk and tussar silk. Explore and shop remarkable patola silk sarees here.
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What is the origin & history of patola sarees?

Patola sarees are originated from a Gujarati town Patan. It has a double ikat weave. It is believed that almost 700 silk weavers of Salvi Caste of Karnataka and Maharashtra shifted to Gujarat in the 12th century to get the support of Solanki Rajputs, who were ruling on Gujarat at that time. They started the manufacturing of Patola silk. The religious text Narsinha Puran has also mentioned that this fabric was perfected during the holy and special occasions.

Why patola saree cost is high?

The original Patola Saree can price between 1,00,000/- to 3,00,000/- and it is because a single saree takes quite a long time and effort to get manufactured. Due to the extensive time and labour, these become costly. Also, the vegetable dye is used in designing these silk saree, which makes it more costly.

What are the varieties in patola sarees?

Patola sarees are found in two different types- Rajkot Patola and Patan Patola. These two are differentiated as per their origin. The Rajkot Patola has the single ikat weaves that are dyed in a vertical manner, while Patal Patola has the double ikat weaves and are dyed in a horizontal manner.

Why patola sarees never fade?

Patola sarees are manufactured using the double resist dyeing process. The natural dye is used in it which makes your saree look beautiful. Because of that, the colour of your Patola saree will never fade out. You can wear it for up to 100 years. Even after this much of time, your saree may be torn off, but then also its colour will remain the same. This makes it an ideal saree for every women.

What jewellery to wear with patola sarees?

The Emerald Beads jewellery or kundan jewellery will look the best with your Patola saree. According to your saree style, you can also go for temple jewellery. If you are not able to decide the best jewellery for yourself, simply go for gold, silver or same colour jewellery. They will look perfect with your saree. Go for a necklace, earrings, bangles and payal and make it a perfect set.