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Paithani Sarees

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How to identify an original paithani sarees?

There are 5 ways to identify an Original Paithani Saree:
  • Test it from reverse side: The Genuine Paithani saree looks exactly same from top and back.
  • Check the design: As genuine Paithani sarees are handwoven, you can’t expect two sarees to look exactly the same. It can be similar but the weaving process will always be unique.
  • Check the colour: Original Paithani saree is always available in basic colours because their threads are dyed in natural dyes.

What are the most common paithani saree motifs? 

There are many types of Motifs found on Paithani saree, but the most common ones are Lotus Flower, Hans Motif, Ashrafi Motif, Narali Motif, Humarparinda, Morbangdi, Asawalli, Amar Vell and Toda-Mania. Also, if you are looking for the small motifs, then chandrakor, circles, kalas pakhhli, stars, rui phool, clusters of 3 leaves and kuyri are the most famous ones. 

How paithani sarees are made?

  • The Raw Silk Threads are dyed using the natural dyes usually taken from rocks, minerals, plants and vegetables.
  • Then they are loaded on the loom. The Loom preparation takes usually a day and it counted as one of the most important steps.
  • After that, weavers start working on it by focusing on their hand, foot and eye coordination. This process can take 1-6 months.
  • Here, one colour thread is used length-wise, while others are used width-wise. Because of this technique, we get the beautiful dual shade of Paithani sarees.
This is how the Paithani sarees are made.

What are the special features of paithani sarees?

  • The Paithani sarees are available in six and nine yards.
  • They look exactly the same from the front and backside. Even its pallu and border has the name look.
  • These sarees are fine and delicate and made up of silk fabric.
  • These sarees are only found in basic colours as their threads are dyed in the natural colour taken from vegetables, flowers, etc.
  • These sarees don’t lose their lustre with time.

Why vegetable dyes are specially prepared for paithani sarees?

Paithani sarees are manufactured using vegetable dyes because it is believed that this kind of natural dye is better for the silk fabric. Vegetable dye is more expensive and it increases the value of Paithani sarees. Also, it makes the saree look better and effortless.
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