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Paithani Sarees

A paithani saree is considered to be the pride of Mahrashtrian culture. Luxurious material, rich colours and eye-catching motifs are the characteristics that make a paithani saree look absolutely regal. A paithani silk saree is worn by any Marathi woman on traditional occasions. Go ahead and shop from our majestic collection of paithani sarees here.
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What are the special features of paithani sarees?

  • The Paithani sarees are available in six and nine yards.
  • They look exactly the same from the front and backside. Even its pallu and border has the name look.
  • These sarees are fine and delicate and made up of silk fabric.
  • These sarees are only found in basic colours as their threads are dyed in the natural colour taken from vegetables, flowers, etc.
  • These sarees don’t lose their lustre with time.

Why vegetable dyes are specially prepared for paithani sarees?

Paithani sarees are manufactured using vegetable dyes because it is believed that this kind of natural dye is better for the silk fabric. Vegetable dye is more expensive and it increases the value of Paithani sarees. Also, it makes the saree look better and effortless.

How to take care of paithani saree?

Simple ways to take care of your paithani saree.

  1. Handwash your saree using mild detergent only.
  2. Iron saree on low heat setting.
  3. Before storing your paithani saree, make sure it is dry.

Why paithani sarees are so expensive?

Authentic handmade Paithani sarees are expensive because materials used to make them are of the highest quality and the process of making a Paithani saree is incredibly time-consuming and requires a great deal of skill.

Are paithani sarees heavy?

Paithani sarees are not light weight due to made of high-quality silk. Paithani saree can vary in weight depends on the embroidery and designs.