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Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery's main attraction is its detailed motifs. The designs are inspired by deities and other natural elements such as flowers and animals. Temple jewelry studded with multi-colored stones can be perfect for traditional or festive occasion. Explore and shop temple jewellery sets and antique temple jewellery in various designs here.
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What you should know before buying temple jewellery?

Temple jewellery is available in silver and with gold platings on it. Opt for classic designs in temple jewellery so that it can be passed on from generation to generation. Before buying temple jewellery avoid buying ornate jewellery and go for a long piece mala and a small choker that can be worn separately as well. Long piece mala can be worn as waistband using polki strings.

How to wear temple jewellery?

Temple Jewellery are mainly made for wedding purposes with all the gold. Embracing the Jhumkas and waistbands with pendants, necklace, bangles, arm bands available in temple jewellery that can be worn with indo-western or even fully western outfits for some formal outings.

How to take care of your temple jewellery?

Temple jewellery should be taken extra care of as it’s life and beauty depends upon the care of the jewellery. Clean with wet wipe to clear the dirt and should be kept in a cotton cloth or in between cotton balls. Avoid wearing the temple jewellery before makeup is done as it may harm the shine of the jewellery. Store in an air tight container in a cool and dry place.

What is temple jewellery?

Temple Jewellery was initially made for the Indian deities, made up of gold and beautified with gems and precious stones like rubies, pearls, diamonds etc that were found at that time. Intricate work of art and peacocks were embedded on the jewellery. Nowadays temple jewellery are made of different materials other than gold to fit in a budget.