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Chanderi Sarees

A Chanderi silk saree can be your bet to look classy effortlessly. With its awe-inspiring texture, a chanderi saree is a must-have. Chanderi saree in colors such as purple, maroon, cyan, and mustard can bring zest to your Indian saree collection. So, go ahead and shop from the variety of chanderi silk sarees here.
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Why chanderi sarees is famous in Madhya Pradesh?

Chanderi sarees are the origin of Madhya Pradesh as the fabric is woven in the town of Chanderi which is situated in the middle of the two traditionally rich regions of Madhya Pradesh; which namely are Bundelkhand and Malwa. It was the favourite of the royals of Madhya Pradesh. The Chanderi is woven in 3 fabrics to give the lustre and strength. It is famous all over India and it’s a trademark of Madhya Pradesh.

How to take care of chanderi sarees?

  • Folding the Chanderi properly is one thing which should be the mantra and hang them or keep the safe.
  • Never spray perfumes or deodorants on the saree directly as it harm the shine of the saree and zari.
  • Wash the Chanderi sarees with a mild detergent in cold water only.
  • Dry out the saree in shade.

Is chanderi saree good for summer?

Chanderi sarees are best for summers as they are transported and light weight because of which Chanderi is referred as “woven air”. It is so because the quality of yarn used to weave the fabric is extra fine and best for summer!

How to identify an original chanderi sarees?

  • Original Chanderi are available in soft colours or namely soft hues which is the speciality of Chanderi.
  • Chanderi is woven with hands so it’s natural to have an uneven surface, look for details like these.
  • Chanderi sarees have the best gloss and shine to it which id identical.