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Organza Sarees

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What is organza saree?

Traditionally Organza is produced from silk but also made of nylon and polyester. Saree made of organza fabric are soft, thin and has matte finish which looks delicate but are sturdy and reliable.

What are the steps to wear organza saree?

  1. Wear the blouse and underskirt. Tie the underskirt 2-3 inch above the navel.
  2. Tuck the fabric from right to left making one circle, after that take a hand full of fabric and tuck the end into the navel.
  3. Start making pleats at the bottom which will sit on the front of the navel. Make 8-10 broader pleats as it looks good, narrow pleats look bulky.
  4. With remaining fabric circle around and put it on the shoulder.
  5. The pallu of the saree should come till the back of your knees, secure with safety pins.

Why organza saree different from other sarees?

  1. Organza suits any body or skin type which makes it easier to become everyone’s favourite!
  2. Organza: perfect for wedding/ bridal wear as it has beautiful matt finish.
  3. Organza has wide range of availability differing from office to bridal wear.

Why organza saree are expensive?

Organza is expensive as it is produced from silk; silk is made after a struggle, automatically organza is an expensive material. The thin fibres are woven in a style that makes a plain weave appearance. Strings utilised for weft and twist are equivalent in number and size as to make a staggering checker-board look, fine fibre is equivalent to softer saree.
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