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Necklace Designs

A necklace is a staple adornment for the neck. Necklace design can be traditional or contemporary, depending on the materials and motifs. For an ethnic outfit, an Indian necklace such as a temple necklace design or a meenakari necklace would elevate the look. Scroll down and shop from our dazzling collection of necklaces.
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What is the difference between pearl necklace and stone necklace?

Pearl and stone jewelries both looks quite good and can be expensive as well as affordable depending on the quality. Pearls on one hand are white or pale colored object that glisters and are abundantly used in inexpensive jewelry. There are different types of pearls available in the market, depending on the quality the price would vary. Coming to stone necklaces, there are different varieties of the same available in the market. You can get precious stone jewelry like ruby, diamond, etc. and there are affordable options available like kundan.

What are the different designs of necklaces?

There are 9 different types of necklace designs namely
  1. Opera necklace
  2. String necklace
  3. Thread necklace
  4. Bib necklaces
  5. Chokers
  6. Collar necklace
  7. Princess necklace
  8. Matinee necklace
  9. Plastron necklace.
They are made up of different materials and can be styled with different types of clothing. You would not only be able to wear them with Indian traditional wear but they can also effectively compliment your western looks.

What is bib necklace?

Bib necklaces would cover your neck up just like a bib. This is one of the most trendiest jewelry in town. You can wear these neck pieces instead of scarves to look fashionable and stylish. This is a bold and beautiful necklace that would add the x-factor to your overall appearance.