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What are Harem Pants?

Harem pants originated from the Middle East countries and possess a long remarkable history. Basically, harem pants are long pants, which are baggy in style and design from the legs and caught at the ankle Over the period of time, harem pants are so evolved be it in designing, cuts and colour combinations. Also, the best part about harem pants is that they are so comfortable and breathable to wear.

What kind of top looks best with harem pants?

With harem pants, you can try out some of the below mentioned styles in tops and tunics to look boho chic.
  • Tank tops look wonderful with the harem pants.
  • Basic t-shirt in plain white colour with harem pants is one of the best combinations to experiment with your personality.
  • Crochet tops also look beautiful with the harem pants.

What is the difference between harem pants & yoga pants?

Harem pants are loose and baggy in style and caught at the ankle. Harem pants are one of the essential bottom wears for a hippie, daring and boho chic look. On the other side, yoga pants are tightly-fitted up to the ankle length and preferred to be worn during the yoga classes or workout sessions.

What are the best shoes to wear with harem pants?

If you are wearing harem pants as a casual wear with basic tee, then go with the flats or ballerinas to spice up the look and attire instantly. Otherwise, if you are wearing an exceptional, stylish harem pants with a designer top or tunic, then you can choose to wear high heels or even high heel boots would look great with this attire.