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South Indian Jewellery

South indian jewellery is always associated with temple jewellery, but that is one of the types of it. Other south india jewelry is inspired from elements such as leaves, jasmine buds, coins, and tiger claws. Palakka Mala, Kasu Mala, Metti are some of popular. So, explore and shop extraordinary south indian jewelry here.
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What is south Indian jewellery?

South Indian jewellery is basically fine gold jewellery which has a history back from Sangam Period of the Indian subcontinent. It was first used for the deities of South India to decorate them with ornaments but then this trend started all over India. South Indian jewellery is worn from head to toe of fine gold jewellery, nowadays silver, brass and copper are trendy to wear.

What is vadiyanam in south Indian jewellery?

Vadiyanam or popularly known as vaddanam is the South Indian name for kamarbandh which is the integral part of South Indian brides. Vadiyanam is the tradition chain which is tied around the waist of the bride. Vadiyanam, nowadays are available with studded gemstones like ruby, emeralds etc available in various designs.

What are the different types of south Indian jewellery?

There are various types of South Indian jewellery as under:
  1. Pacchi Jewellery
  2. Kundan Jewellery
  3. Mango Mala
  4. Kasulaperu / Kasu Haram
  5. Nakshi & Temple Jewellery
  6. Guttapusalu Haram Jewellery
  7. Polki Diamond Jewellery
  8. Antique Gold
  9. Lakshmi Haar

What is the difference between south Indian kundan and polki jewellery?

  • Polki Jewellery: It is made of whole precious stones that are uncut diamonds. Thus, polki sparkles more brilliant and is increasingly costly.
  • Kundan Jewellery: It is made of glass stones. South Indian Kundan includes the combination of South Indian temple jewellery with the glass stones of Kundan work.

How south Indian jewellery is different from ordinary jewellery?

South Indian jewellery includes the use of fine gold with intricate work of temple jewellery including the deities and their embellishments on the jewellery. The main difference is the show of deities and natural elements.