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Bandhani Bandhej Sarees

A bandhani saree is known to be many women's favourite saree pattern. Bandhej sarees have white square patterns distributed across the saree. The bandhani saree typically has striking contrasting colours, making it look stylish. Because of its quintessential pattern, you can wear a bandhani saree to any traditional occasion. Explore and shop from our irresistible collection of bandhani sarees.
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Which fabric is used in bandhani?

Different Kind of Fabrics are used for Bandhani like Muslin, Silk, Handloom, Cotton and Voile. But out of all, silk and cotton fabrics are the most famous ones. As you know Bandhani is a tie and dye art form from Rajasthan, and that’s why the fabrics that can easily soak colours are used in it. The Silk and Cotton are good for the dying process.

Is bandhani sarees available in silk?

Yes, you can easily found Bandhani Sarees in the silk fabric. It is counted as the fabric that soaks most of the colour. It is believed that silk fabric is the best for craftsmen to show skills. You can find many different bright colours, motifs and patterns in Bandhani Silk sarees.

How should bandhani sarees be maintained?

  • Select the steam iron method or iron it at a very low heat setting.
  • Also, avoid washing them in washing it in the machine and choose the dry cleaning method.
  • You can also hand wash it with mild detergent and room temperature water. Don’t over rub it as it will lose its colour.
  • Note: Check their condition in every 4 months.

What are the types of bandhani patterns?

There are different types of Bandhani Patterns. Out of which, dots, waves, square and motifs are the most famous ones. A single Dot is known as Ek Dali, Four dots are known as Chaubundi and seven are known as Satbundi. Waves have the wavy look and is a combination of many lines and called as Leheriya. Square has a Chakor pattern. The Elaborate motifs are found with leaves, flowers, threes, human figures, made up of repeating dots and patterns.

What is a tie and dye method?

Tie and Dye method is very popular in the textile industry and associated with Bohemian and Hipster culture. Here, the fabric is tied using small things and then dyed with colours. The tied part doesn’t absorb any colour and remains in the same colour as the fabric. It is left for drying and after that, the fabric is ready to be stitched.