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Today, pendants for women are eye-catching as well as elegant. From letter to floral pendants, you can find pendants that will suit your style. An Indian pendant often has a religious symbol or takes its inspiration from traditional ornaments. At Mirraw, pendant designs such as peacock, heart and multi-colored stone motifs. Explore and shop them here!
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How to choose a chain for a pendant?

You would have to choose the chain of same metal as that of the pendant. This means if the pendant is made of gold then the chain should also be of gold as well. You can go with any metal for the chain if the pendant is of precision and semi precious stone.

What thickness of chain would be comfortable for pendant?

The ideal thickness of the chain should depend on the thickness of the pendant. The smaller pendant size would demand thin chains. With the increasing size of the pendant, the thickness of the chain should also increase.

Does pendant comes with chain?

Not every pendant would come with chain, they can come separately too. Pendants can come in different types of metals like gold, silver, etc. and can also include different precious and semi-precious stones. You can buy the pendant and chain together as well of the same metal composition.