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Crepe sarees online

A crepe saree is one of the most versatile sarees a woman can have. While a crepe silk saree is perfect for parties, a linen crepe saree can be great for a workday. With its unique texture, crepe sarees come in a wide range in colors and motifs. Explore and shop them now!
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What is the difference between crepe saree and chiffon sarees?

The silk of crepe saree is produced by usage of high twisted yarns and the fabric is a luxurious one. Crepe saree is beautiful which is used to make sarees and other dresses like skirts, lightweight suits, bridal gowns, and evening wesar.

Unlike crepe saree fabric a chiffon saree very light fabric is diaphanous and is made with a loose, plain weave and twisted single crêpe yarns. Wearing chiffon makes you feel elegant and the fabric of it is slightly rough to feel. The texture of fabric ranges from fine to flat crepes and is woven from all the major fibers.

What is crepe silk saree?

A fabric produced out of highly twisted yarns in the weft is called crepe fabric. Crepe silk is generally made with a plain weave. The texture of this fabric ranges from smooth to quite rough. The crepe silk saree fabric is woven from all of the major fibers. Crepe silk has a luxurious fabric along with a good finish and a pebbly surface obtained by using high twist yarns.

What jewelry matches with crepe silk sarees?

When women wear crepe silk sarees or any other type of silk, chiffon and pure sarees they must wear the right and stunning accessories and jewelry along with it. To complete their look women must always choose ideal accessories and jewelry pieces and it should always depend on the type of saree they wear. While wearing a plain chiffon saree wear a striking beaded necklace or Thewa jewelry.