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Silk Thread Jewellery

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How silk thread jewellery is different from normal jewellery?

Silk thread jewellery is handmade whereas others are machine made. It is made with precision of hands with great quality as the details are given much importance. Normal jewellery is machine made which straight away says that the quantity will be more of the same piece with same design.

What is silk thread jewellery?

Silk Thread jewellery is made using mainly silk thread which is produced by insect’s larvae to form a cocoon which thought a process becomes silk thread. It is then rolled on the mould of a bangle, necklace, pendant or earrings etc to make the silk thread sit on the mould perfectly and when the mould is covered completely and beautifully then embellishments like stones , chains are added to it to make the Silk Thread Jewellery look flawlessly stunning.

What is the quick tips to care and clean your thread jewellery?

  1. Silk thread jewellery should be handled with care as the stones glued on them may come off if you drop them.
  2. It should be kept away from water or any liquid as it harms and weakens the thread.
  3. No perfume or chemicals should be applied as it harms the shine of the jewellery.
  4. Store the jewellery in a zip lock bag or air tight.

Why silk thread jewellery price is low?

Silk Thread jewellery is a handmade jewellery which has their prices relatively low, people think it’s unnecessary to buy expensive handmade jewellery. Extension of sale is a factor or because the seller doesn’t value his or her own craft. Maybe they are misguided on how to price jewellery!

What thread is used in silk thread jewellery?

Thread used for silk thread jewellery is silk thread of different colours to make extensive designs.
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