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Which fabrics are best for skirts?

The fabric of the skirt mostly depends on the type of the skirt that you wish to wear. There are different styles of skirts available in the market and you should make the choices of the fabric accordingly. For pencil skirt, cotton fabric works the best. However for A-line skirts, you can go for fabrics like crepe, rayon, wool jersey, etc. For the flowy look of a maxi skirt you can go for chiffon materials. If you wish to wear a mini skirt then choose a stretchy fabric. Denim and cotton can work as these materials have some stretch in them.

What are the different types of skirts?

There are different types of skirts available in the market. The most famous ones would be:
  • A-line skirt- This basically looks like the letter A and is suitable for almost all body types.
  • Fitted Pencil skirt or Tube skirt- This is a figure flattering skirt and re quite fitted near the hips
  • Drindl skirt- This is a straight skirt which is quite fitted near the waist area.
  • Draped skirt- As the name suggests, this skirt is draped on one side and as it not really fitted to the body, thus it can be worn by all body types.
  • Layered skirt- This is basically layered one after the other and looks good on all types of figure.

How do I choose a skirt according to my body type?

You would first have to understand the type of shape that your body has. Depending on that, you would be able to choose your skirt.
  • Apple body shape- This means that the middle part of the body is heavy and hence you can go for A-line skirts.
  • Hourglass body shape- Pencil skirts are best for this body type as this would flatter the shape in the best possible way.
  • Rectangle body shape- You can go for A-line skirts, fitted pencil skirts or full midi in order to create the right curves to your body.
  • Pear shape- A-line skirts works great on this body shape as well.

How to look fashionable in skirt?

There are different types of skirts available in the market and each can be worn with different tops so as you look stylish. You can wear long skirts that have good flair with basic full sleeve t-shirts. Pencil skirts can be worn in formal events with shirt and in informal event with cute floral top. You can wear denim skirts with tucked in informal shirts to look stylish. Wear subtle jewelry and light make-up to complete the look. You can also pair high waisted skirts with crop tops. You can go for full sleeve blouse and deep neck shirts which would look really good.