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Cotton Kurtis

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Why cotton kurtis are popular?

  • They can be worn on any occasion with some amazing bottom wear to rock the party or casual look.
  • Cotton kurtis are soft, gentle to the skin and are comfortable to wear anytime and anywhere without any second thoughts.
  • Cotton kurtis are for all sizes. Be it a slim teenage girl or a middle-aged woman, cotton kurtis are easily available in all sizes and in all diverse range of colours and designs.

Why cotton kurtis are comfortable for summer season?

Cotton kurtis are for all seasons. However, they can be worn easily and comfortably in the summer season because of the soft and smooth cotton fabric material. In the hot summer season, cotton fabric material is soothing and comfortable on the skin. The best part is that they are breathable i.e. wear it anytime and anywhere without even worrying about the hot weather.

How to identify a pure cotton kurti?

Pure cotton fabric material is skin friendly, comfortable, soft and smooth on the skin of every wearer mostly. To identify if it’ a pure cotton kurti, then take a look at its fabric quality, which doesn’t involve any amalgamations. Also, pure cotton fabric material is quite thin, so it is woven into a fabric material that becomes flat in appearance.

How to take care of cotton kurtis?

  • Handwash is recommended for cotton as well as pure cotton kurtis to avoid any damage to the embroidery or embellished work on it. You can take lukewarm or cold water along with mild detergent to wash it with your hands without harming its embroidery.
  • It is recommended that avoid drying of cotton kurtis under the direct sunlight it can fade away the colour, sequin or embroidery work on it.