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Georgette Sarees

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Why georgette sarees are popular?

Georgette is one of the famous fabric materials, which is sheer, light in weight and has that crepe finish. Georgette sarees are quite trendy and popular among the women of all age group because of their ‘easy to wear and carry’ thing! Basically, georgette is a type of chiffon fabric that’s strong, durable and breezy. To accentuate the curves, one of the most suggested saree styles is georgette sarees. Even in georgette sarees, you will get different varieties, which includes poly georgette, faux georgette, satin georgette, jacquard georgette and some others. So, choose the right georgette saree and add into your wardrobe collection!

How to take care of Georgette sarees?

When it comes to taking care of georgette sarees, it is definitely not hard. There are certain tips that you must keep in mind while taking care of your georgette sarees. Here are those tips and tricks:
  • Handwash is suggested to maintain your georgette saree. To maintain your georgette saree, handwash it while using the mild detergent is one of the best ways to not to damage its fabric material quality, embroidery and zari work.
  • Dry cleaning is another important tip to take care of your georgette sarees. Once you are done with the proper handwash of your saree, dry cleaning it will do the rest of the work to keep your saree clean and maintained.

What kind of Jewellery will go with Georgette sarees?

For a style quotient look, teaming up georgette sarees with stunning jewellery or accessories is just like icing on the cake. Draping georgette saree perfectly along with the sprucing up the outfit with a choker or a kundan necklace, hoop earrings or jhumka and bangles of course to add beauty and charm to your traditional attire. Jewellery is a significant part of any styling tip and if you team it up rightly with your outfit, then it can definitely make heads turn. From necklace, earrings to bangles and anklets, there are different kinds of jewellery that can be worn with the georgette sarees anytime and anywhere.

How to reuse old georgette sarees?

To reuse or repurpose the old georgette sarees, here are some of the best ways to do it.
  • First of all, georgette sarees have amazing patterns and designs on it, which makes it beneficial to make it a stunning printed dress; be it short or long in length.
  • If you are bored of your georgette saree, then why not to change it into a traditional, a bit flowy lehenga to wear it on festivals or special occasions? Try it once!
  • Apart from dresses and lehenga, there is another option to give your georgette saree a new look with a frock style. Yes, frock or skirt with a printed georgette saree would look gorgeous.