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Can I wear a blazer with jeans?

Yes, pairing a blazer with jeans creates a smart-casual look, suitable for various occasions, striking the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Where should a blazer's sleeve hit?

A blazer's sleeve should hit at the wrist bone, allowing around half an inch of shirt cuff to be visible, creating an elegant and polished look.

How should a blazer fit?

A well-fitting blazer should have a snug fit on the shoulders, tapering at the waist, with sleeves ending at the wrist bone, allowing free arm movement.

What are the popular color options for blazers?

Popular color options for blazers include classic navy, versatile gray, sophisticated black, earthy brown, and stylish shades of blue and green.

Why are blazers expensive?

Blazers can be expensive due to high-quality materials, intricate craftsmanship, and brand reputation, which actually makes them long-lasting and fashionable investment pieces.