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What is super net saree?

The supernet is a fabric which is very elegant and delicate. Some of the best supernet fabrics are Fishnet, Tulle, Bobbinet and Filet net. The saree made out of this fabric needs extraordinary care while handling them. These sarees are the best blend of both traditional and modern looks. Solid color supernet sarees look great with a contrasting blouse and on the other hand, floral prints sarees can make women look very feminine and fashionable

Why supernet saree is popular among celebrity?

Nowadays the supernet sarees are flaring the Bollywood industry. Top celebrates are giving much importance to these types of sarees from red carpet function to the upcoming movie event. The other reason why it is famous among celebrates is that this outfit is both casual and formal wear. They are very affordable.

How to choose a matching blouse for supernet sarees?

When you decide to choose your perfect blouse for your supernet saree you need to be careful and be focused on the shades of both the fabric. The contrasting color blouse is trendy but sometimes wearing matching color blouses is also essential. Balance everything well to look elegant on every occasion.