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Tissue sarees online

A tissue saree is perfect when you do not want to wear a heavy saree but want the effect of it nonetheless. Tissue sarees are perfect when you need a graceful and ethereal look but are new to wearing and carrying sarees. They come in many colors and designs, giving you options for all occasions. Explore and shop them all!
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What is tissue sarees?

One of the most loved saree by women is Tissue saree. They are named so because they are woven from fine threads of silk that give it the look and feel of tissue paper. In the silk sarees category, tissue sarees are the popular ones. The major variant of Tissue saree which is popular is Banaras silk sarees. These sarees have the highest quality as well as strength and are one of the most famous saree in India.

What are the different type of tissue sarees?

There are different types of tissue sarees available in the market:
  • Banaras silk sarees
  • Uppada tissue sarees
Uppada Tissue sarees also called Uppada pattu cheeralu is one of the famous versions of these sarees. Originated from Andhra Pradesh is the most famous one because it is an amalgamation of woven silk and pattu zari. The threads of these sarees are of gold or silver so to make the look of it interesting and shimmering. Another type of tissue saree is Kota Tissue Sarees or Kota Doria. The origin of these sarees is from Mysore, Karnataka.

How to maintain tissue sarees?

  • Instead of washing, prefer dry cleaning.
  • Do hang it in a shade to avoid fading.
  • Time to time change their folding to avoid tearing.
  • Keep them in a dark place by wrapping them in cotton or a muslin cloth.

Which season is best for tissue sarees?

The fabric of tissue is very light and thus it very easy to carry them anywhere. With a lustrous, elegant look and great design, one can wear at any important event, functions, or any other place. Women without any tension can wear these sarees. What makes tissue sarees best is that you can wear them at any season without keeping in mind the climatic conditions.