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Mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore silk sarees are some of the most royal looking drapes. With their carefully woven Indian motifs and unmistakable gloss, these Indian sarees steal limelight in no time. Available in muted as well as bright colors, you can wear a mysore silk saree at any important event. So, explore and shop magnificent mysore silk saris here!
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Which season is good to wear Mysore silks saree? and why?

Mysore Silk saree is manufactured in Karnataka, which is a hot state. That’s why this saree are perfect to wear in the summer season. These are handloom saree which are found in vibrant colour, subtle work, smooth texture, minimal design and rich look. The gold zari work makes it look even heavier. Because of its shiny look, you can easily wear it in the wedding and festival season. It will help you to get a heavier look. You can even carry it in the winter season, as the choice is all yours. You can define its colour and work and enjoy its lustrous vibes.

Which raw material is used to make mysore silk sarees?

Mysore Silk sarees are made up of raw silk that is then turned into fabric. It is obtained from the single cocoon, which alone produces 800-900 mts of yarn. But you know what, out of it, only 400-600 mts can be used. Then it is sent to the silk weaving factory, where measuring is done and the Mysore silk is manufactured. Then with the help of soaking, twisting, wafting and winding, the looms are prepared. In this process, the gold or silver zari work is also involved. This is how, the Mysore silk sarees gets its unique identification, look and design.

How to Identify an Original Mysore Silk Sarees?

If you are unable to identify authentic Mysore silk saree, then this answer can help you out. All these sarees comes with a unique code embroidered in its corner. When you will search it on the internet, you will be able to check the history, manufacturing details, hours spent on it, and wages that were paid to the manufacturers. This will help you to decide whether the saree is original or fake. You also do the touch test, where you can rub the silk with hands. If you will feel the heat on rubbing, it means its original. The fake saree will not give the same touch.

Guide for How to Care Mysore Silk Sarees?

The best way to take care of your Mysore Silk saree is by taking care of its cleaning and storing. You should not wash it in the machine and get it dry cleaned. You can even wash it with light hands, mild detergent and warm water. Store it in the separate bag with naphthalene balls or dry neem leaves, as it will keep it away from insects and moths.
Note: If you are cleaning it at home, then don’t apply a detergent on it during the first 4 washes. You should wash a corner of the saree to decide whether it’s a right way or not.

Why is Mysore Silk Sarees Unique?

Mysore Silk sarees are from Karnataka and they are loved by women of every generation. It has an extraordinary fabric quality, where the softest type of soft silk material and gold zari are mixed together. It looks very beautiful and represents the real culture of South India. It looks regal and royal and you can wear it on special occasions like weddings and festivals. Also, the brides can wear it on their wedding day and look extremely gorgeous. You can never go wrong with these sarees, and that’s what makes it special and perfect. Since 1912, it is winning the heart of every women. So you should also own at least one Mysore Silk saree.